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There are unique challenges to recruiting at the senior level. Sourcing strong candidates from a small selection pool, persuading international talent to relocate and many more. Our strong global relationships, built over 30 years, are the reason we’ve been able to successfully overcome such challenges and maintain a strong track record of delivering results for organisations we work with.

HG Learning Sets

We have been at the forefront of the Learning Set model since 1989 and through this, have built the largest Learning Set network, for executives, in Australasia. An HG Learning Set is not a professional development course, it is high performing leaders sharing real and pressing challenges in a highly confidential setting. Together, with an experienced facilitator, each challenge is workshopped and solutions are devised


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“For a Learning Set to be high-impact, you need to bring the right mix of people together with an incredibly astute and experienced facilitator.”

– Kevin Hardy, Founder Principal HG

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Interview with Dr John Wakefield

Interview with Dr John Wakefield

Dr John Wakefield, self-described ‘Queensland country doctor’ took the baton after an extensive, global search to find a successor to Michael Walsh as Director-General, Queensland Health.

The Best CV’s Share These 5 Features

The Best CV’s Share These 5 Features

We get many requests for assistance with CV preparation and this short article will help answer your questions. Firstly, the importance of an impactful CV should not be underestimated.

22 Great Interview Questions for Health Executives

22 Great Interview Questions for Health Executives

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